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3, 2, 1. Knock-out! Game-changing boxing equipment

Enhance your boxing technique in the gym and in the ring with boxing equipment designed to help you do it. Explore our range of boxing boots, head guards, boxing gloves, socks, crepe bandages, and clothing, all designed with advanced features and technologies to help you change the game. Made for men and women, our boxing equipment, clothing and boots are designed with leading technologies to support every spar, challenge, and bout that comes your way. Aside from gear to wear while you play, we also offer towels, socks, sweat bands, bandages, and duffel bags for practical use while you train.

Protect yourself in the ring with adidas boxing gear

Whether you’re training in the gym, participating in a class, an amateur, or a professional contender, you need high-quality boxing equipment to make every punch count. Move with lightning fast speed in a pair of Speed 100 boxing gloves, made with durable polyurethane foam, a lightweight cover that holds strong through each round. Enhance your punching speed and technique with a pair of Hybrid 300 boxing gloves, made with a durable leather exterior, satin-like lining, and hook-and-loop closure, these gloves are snug and stand strong against impact. Our gloves will protect your hands as you duck and dive in the ring, letting you focus on your footwork and perfecting your punches.

Performance ready boxing boots and clothing

Go the full distance and complete your kit with adidas boxing boots and clothing. Explore our range of boxing boots, which help you stay light on your feet until the final bell sounds. Available in classic designs or eye-catching colours, they are breathable, stable, and abrasion-resistant, protecting your feet long term. Dress head to toe in adidas gear with a quick-drying ventilated tank top or tee, made for comfort and flexible movement. Match with a pair of sport shorts or workout tights created with stretchy materials, they provide an airy feel and help you stay dry.