Winter running gear

Get ready for your winter workout in style with the adidas winter running gear collection. All of our running gear for the winter is designed with a perfect balance of form and function in mind. Sweat-wicking fabric draws any moisture away from your skin, ensuring that, no matter how intense your workout gets, you can always stay dry and comfortable. adidas winter running gear is specially constructed using insulated materials that protect your body from the elements, keeping your muscles warm and ready for action no matter the weather. The iconic adidas styling across the entire running gear collection lets you show off your personal style and makes this collection as well suited to a night out as a serious gym session.
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Benefit from technologies in the winter running gear range

Up your game during the cold season with the winter running gear range from adidas. With advanced technologies to ensure you can run for longer, your performance will never drop. The sweat-wicking fabric soaks up moisture, stopping you from getting cold. Insulated materials keep your muscles warm and ready. A wind-resistant design helps you to battle gusty days. Whilst grip on shoes means you can run in confidence on slippery surfaces.

Running gear for winter runners

Whether you’re a serious winter runner or just exercising to stay fit, the running gear for the winter collection has something for everyone. With sizes for men, women and children, your whole family can stay active when the temperature drops. No matter if it's shoes, accessories or clothing that you’re after, advanced technologies work to keep you warm, safe and dry so that you can enjoy your running for longer. The adidas winter running gear range also has extra touches, such as reflective details, so you’re visible in low light, which is perfect for gloomy evenings.

Look after your winter wear and it’ll look after you

We’ve made it easy for you to clean your winter running gear so that you can benefit from it time and time again. Follow the instructions on the care label to see if you can clean the products in a warm or cold cycle and how best to dry each item. For shoes, remove dirt with a toothbrush and clean with a wet cloth and detergent. Remove the soap suds and then leave to dry at room temperature.