Running shorts

With adidas running shorts in various styles, from short to knee length, you will always look the part. The lightweight fabrics and supportive, adaptive designs will transform your style on the road and in the gym. Our incredible collection of shorts for runners comes with many different pocket options to allow you the level of storage you need. Key pockets for those who like to run light, phone pockets to keep your music playing wherever the trail takes you and shorts for running with zipper pockets for runners who want their essentials close by and super secure. Our vast range of running shorts for men, women and children are sure to have the features that are important to you to keep you on track.
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Allow adidas running shorts to motivate your training routine. Show off your running style in comfort with running shorts for women or men. Made with modern materials and designed by runners for runners these shorts will keep you supported and help you focus on the distance. Lightweight material with AEROREADY properties and breathable ventilation inserts will keep you dry and fresh. Running shorts for men and women are made with a nylon/elastane blend and an inner brief stretch as you get into your stride. Allowing a complete range of movement and comfort while you chase down your dreams.


Whether you are running in a marathon or are just starting your running career with a casual jog it is important to feel the part. There are running shorts for every style of runner and to suit every shape – from fitted shorts to regular fit shorts with a drawstring waist for tough, sweat-inducing runs. Dual-layered shorts with a fitted inner layer help to prevent chafing as you stride out. Show off your legs and let the airflow around you in short running shorts or pick up a pair of thigh-length shorts with zip pockets to keep your valuables safe on the trails. Don’t forget about the little ones, whether they are out on the track or field or in the playground, adidas has an impressive collection of children’s running shorts.


Our running shorts for women and men have been designed with style and comfort in mind, with a high waist and fitted design to move when you move. To stay light on your feet and enjoy the experience whether you are running in the mountains or on a treadmill in the gym choose relaxed loose-fitting running shorts and enjoy challenging your personal best. The latest in sports technology and performance-enhancing designs mean that you will always be ahead of the pack. Whatever your running style, our running shorts range will keep you cool and dry with moisture-wicking fabrics and lightweight materials

Running shorts Frequently Asked Questions

Running shorts are short so they don’t get in your way or chafe your thighs while you jog, sprint or train for your next 26.2.
The shorts that are best for running don’t chafe your skin or bunch up and prevent you from moving easily. Running shorts should allow for a full range of motion and keep you cool and ventalated.
What’s different about running shorts is length — they’re typically shorter than shorts made for basketball or training.