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Winter Running Clothes

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Stay cool, dry and on track with winter running clothes

The race is not just about the finish line – it’s about the journey – so make sure your winter running clothes can keep you on track, no matter the weather. adidas has used superior technology in their winter running range that includes smart fabric knits designed to match your body’s natural movements. Base layers such as Alphaskin provide a compressed support and have a quick-dry action. Combination fabric knits such as polyester and elastane utilise advanced technology to keep you cool when your temperature rises. Jackets in ultralight shells provide UV50+ protection for outdoor runners, and leggings designed for the long race keep you compressed and dry with breathability to go the distance. 

Winter apparel for running stamina

Whether you choose the track, cross country or the treadmill for the long haul of your race, winter running apparel is key to providing comfort and confidence. Well-fitted leggings and base tops will reduce muscle vibration and chafing whilst keeping you warm as you step out into those winter mornings. As you heat up, you can maintain a safe temperature and finish your race dry and energised. Super-light winter running jackets provide freedom of movement with breathability, ensuring you’ve got space to push that jog to a sprint and will keep the sun off your skin with a UV shield of 50+. 

Build your winter running wardrobe with adidas staples

You know your limits and like to push them. That is why having the best possible support from your sporting wardrobe is essential. Winter running clothing not only keeps you warm as you set out on your race but also allows for freedom of temperature change as you push on through. adidas have an extensive range of running trainers to enhance performance and protect your feet, whilst looking the part at the same time. Couple that with a moisture-absorbing trail headband for cooler weather to keep you dry on longer routes.