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The TERREX Adventure Wardrobe is a versatile, four-part layering technology, responsive to what you need anytime you’re out chasing adventure in the outdoors. Layer up or layer down, whatever your summit, you’re good to go.
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TERREX Clothing Frequently Asked Questions

Layering provides versatility, allowing you to regulate your body temperature by adding or removing layers as needed. It helps manage moisture, insulates against the cold, and protects from wind and rain.
The basic layers are: - Base Layer: Wicks moisture away from your skin. - Mid Layer: A Lightweight layer keeping the body warm while helping to wick sweat during your outdoor activities Insulating Layer: Down-like warmth meets freedom of movement, even on the coldest of days. (OR "made to keep you feeling warm and comfortable whilst letting you move freely") - Outer Layer: Breathable cover from the wind, rain, and snow.
Zippered vents on your outer layer and adjustable closures on your base and insulating layers allow you to release excess heat when needed.
Choisis des matériaux qui évacuent l’humidité pour ta couche de base et évite le coton, qui retient l’humidité. Une bonne ventilation grâce à des fermetures zippées et des poignets réglables peut également aider à gérer l’humidité.
C’est un fait, lorsqu’on arrête de bouger, le corps se refroidit rapidement. Ajoute une couche isolante à tes vêtements au repos et retire une couche lorsque tu reprends ton activité pour éviter l’hyperthermie.