Men’s Rugby Shorts

With adidas men’s rugby shorts, you’ll feel the difference they make to your performance, providing the protection and comfort you need, helping you succeed in your goals out on the training pitch.

Execute the perfect game plan with adidas men's rugby shorts

Designed and made to fit with a lightweight durability, adidas men's rugby shorts are the perfect fit for the most committed of rugby players. The athletic finish ensures you can move freely on the pitch without any issues, providing the utmost in comfort in both the tackle and with the ball in hand. With longer cut shorts for training and gym work, the shorter cuts are perfect for game time, and designed to avoid any extra material for your opponents to hang on to. An added advantage is the enhanced strength and durability that is required of any piece of rugby gear.

Set training sessions alight with adidas rugby shorts for men

The lightweight woven fabric of adidas men’s rugby shorts, along with the modern design provide you with a breathable and comfortable fit. They are ideal for all conditions out on the pitch, in the gym or even in social activities. adidas rugby shorts for men are made with Primeblue recycled materials, such as polyester from plastic waste recovered from beaches. For comfort you can adjust the draw strings to ensure a tight fit around the waist, while you can store essential items like your keys and phone in the spacious zip pockets.

To last longer, take care of your adidas rugby shorts

The versatility of adidas rugby shorts for men allows you to wear them anytime and anywhere, and to ensure that they stand the test of time, you can take care of them by following simple care instructions. Machine wash your shorts inside out with like colours on a cold cycle, avoiding any fabric softeners and only using a mild detergent. You can touch up the shorts with a cold iron, but make sure they are still inside out and avoid ironing the adidas motif. Tumble drying is best avoided.