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Soft ground rugby boots


Soft ground rugby boots with split outsoles for sure-footed direction changes and fast acceleration. An inner strap provides a secure fit on your foot, and longer studs enhance grip and playing confidence.

Play with real confidence in soft ground rugby boots

Our soft ground rugby boots are sleek and lightweight, to help prevent you from getting bogged down when the going is heavy underfoot. They have longer studs, to reach the firmer soil and give you a more secure grip. These are hollow (to reduce weight) and come in a 6x2 split formation. Heels are slightly raised, to aid in shifting your weight forward on the first steps. adidas long stud rugby boots are made with tough synthetic leather uppers that help repel moisture.

Long stud rugby boots; sure-footed agility

Every rugby player knows you need to adapt your game when playing on really soft turf or in wet and muddy conditions. One of the biggest concerns is keeping your footing when the ground could give way if you have to make a sharp side-step or quickly adjust your defensive running line. Long stud rugby boots will give you the confidence to overcome this trepidation when the price of hesitation could be a try under your own sticks. We've created soft ground rugby boots with flexible split outsoles for quick direction changes and an inner strap for a secure fit.

Eye-catching designs for all positions

You can get these rugby boots in classic adidas black with our instantly-recognisable 3-Stripes or take advantage of the modern designs that are the trend on fields from Fiji to Edinburgh. You can get them with bold, neon accents or go the full Monty in a pair of shiny silver togs. We have position-specific boots, too, such as those with slanted lacing to create a bigger instep sweet spot for goal-kickers. Whatever your level, you'll benefit from smart adidas technology.