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Men’s cycling socks


Push the pedals further with the ultimate accessory for cool feet – men’s cycling socks. Get ankle support and breathable textiles to keep you riding harder for longer.

adidas men’s cycling socks for every kind of riding discipline

Keeping feet cool and fresh is vital when staying ahead of the bike pack. Push further than ever before with adidas men’s cycling socks, which breathe freely and keep feet ventilated, even on the longest, hottest ride. With superior textiles designed for supportive and firm fits, your most important tool for riding success is protected and bolstered for cycling dominance. Stamina comes standard with functional socks that perform.

Cycling socks for men, to keep you focused on the race

Avoid discomfort, chafing or slippage, with cycling socks for men that stay put and work hard for your comfort. Quality poly-cotton blends with elastane boosts the flexibility of the sock shape, whilst arch and anatomically padded support give you the most comfortable step yet. Engineered for hard, outdoor work, adidas men’s cycling socks are tough, durable and ready to support, come rain or shine.

Men’s cycling socks step into everyday fashion wear

Although hardy athletic tools, men’s cycling socks show up when it’s time to find that super-comfortable, contemporary pair of socks for day-to-day use, too. Perfect with sneakers and smart shoes alike, their durability sees them crossing over easily to give you a comfortable full-day wear, whether it be at work, dancing in a club or running on a treadmill. Keep feet free and light with adidas men’s cycling socks and step into a world of comfort with ease and confidence. Look for three-packs for convenient purchases and keep your sock drawer stocked to the brim with the best tool for your passion.