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Cycling Trousers

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The Trackstand Cycling Trousers

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Five Ten TrailX Tracksuit Bottoms

Men Five Ten

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Five Ten Bike TrailX Tracksuit Bottoms

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Cycling trousers

A pair of cycling trousers is a great alternative to compressed cycling gear as it offers all the needed support and protection while ensuring you can ride comfortably. The adidas collection includes a selection of trousers with a tapered fit that are ideal for cycling, offering a roomy fit but narrowing as they go down towards the ankles to ensure no fabric is flowing around at pedalling level and therefore keeping you safe. In addition, the presence of ribbed cuffs holds your pants in place at ankle level as you cycle, keeping you flowing smoothly throughout the ride.

Protective technologies you’ll love

Every pair of cycling trousers by adidas has been equipped with technologies that aim at making your ride smoother. Lightweight cycling trousers are perfect for warm summer days, and those that have been coated with a water repellent finish will protect you from moisture and from the wind on those chilly days. When the temperature drops, the special adidas technology will keep you warm by using fibers woven densely together to trap air, thus creating insulation while keeping breathable characteristics and enabling the sweat to evaporate as you ride.

Trousers as you like them

Whether you like your cycling trousers to have pockets so that you can keep a few essential items with you, or an elastic drawcord around the waist for added stability, you will find the pair just for you in this adidas collection. If you cycle at night, look for trousers with reflective details offering added visibility and security. Those who are environmentally conscious will love cycling trousers that use recycled polyester in their design, helping to decrease emissions and saving the earth’s resources. As for the cotton used in trousers, adidas ensures it has been farmed ethically by partnering with Better Cotton Initiative whose aim is to improve global cotton farming.