Women’s cycling shorts

Sleek fit and high-quality stretch fabric make these women’s cycling shorts perfect for long, intense rides. Durable design allows frequent training, while a relaxed fit is great for everyday wear.

adidas women’s cycling shorts as a fundamental item of riding gear

Dress right for the race with women’s cycling shorts at the heart of every cycling outfit. Stay cool and flexible as you hit the trails, road or even gym bike and pedal your way to your goals. Choose from padded bib shorts, high or mid waisted favourites and even designer collaboration styles that suit every personality. Moisture-wicking comes standard with adidas women’s cycling shorts to keep you dry when you work up a sweat and with a multitude of fabrics and colours to choose from, you can be guaranteed to find your new favourites with ease.

Cycling shorts for women shape while they support

Not only versatile and comfortable, cycling shorts for women are designed for the ultimate tummy support, keeping you feeling confident as you train. Creating that perfectly sculpted silhouette, your cycling shorts breathe, stretch and allow full freedom of movement. Trail riding and pro cycling enthusiasts may find padded support an extra help for stamina races or bumpy courses. Stay in the saddle for longer when your shorts are bolstered with additional shock-absorbing embellishments.

Women’s cycling shorts as a base for all your casual workout wear

Slip into a world of cool comfort when you start your workout in adidas women’s cycling shorts. Perfectly matched with a breezy tank, t-shirt or a simple support bra on extra hot training sessions, a good pair of riding shorts is a vital part of your capsule workout wardrobe. Lovers of the iconic 3-Stripes or Trefoil branding will have a field day choosing from this extensive collection of top quality athletic-inspired gear.