Cycling Bib Shorts


Cycling bib shorts for hard core racers

Cycle fanatics unite! Here at adidas we understand the importance of having cycling gear you can trust and feel confident in. Just like your bike equipment needs to be reliably, your cycling gear needs to spot on to take your routine or race to the next level. The adidas cycling bib shorts were created for long-distance racing and training. Made with stretchy close-knit materials, the bib shorts have a body-hugging fit, which simultaneously optimises breathability. You’ll also enjoy features like a lightweight dual-density foam pad, which enhances comfort and provides support through long hours on the bike.

Technical and secure bib shorts

adidas cycling gear is technical, comfortable and stylish. For whichever category you race, 1 or 4, ride for fitness or seek adventure, we have got your cycling gear covered. The adidas cycling bib shorts have reflective hems with a gripper backing, which provide a locked-in fit. There’ll be no discomfort caused on the road from these snug shorts. Cut and shaped for performance, the race fit shorts are made to provide athletes and regular cyclists with a second skin feeling for full range of motion and comfort. With a durable and long-lasting endurance training pad, you’ll remain comfortable and supported while you train and race. The straps are moisture-wicking so say goodbye to unwanted sweat, and thin inserts at the hem will provide you with a grippier surface.

More cycling gear by adidas

Die-hard cyclists will want to get their hands on a full kit of gear. Here we have a whole range of equipment and cycling clothing for men and women, including cycling jerseys, cycling bottoms, bike gloves, cycling socks, cycling glasses, watches, backpacks, and more. All made with leading technologies to advance your training and races, we guarantee you will maximise performance with our adidas cycling gear.