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Cycling jackets for men


Don’t let the weather catch you out, with these cycling jackets for men. Wind-resistant layers keep you warm, sweat-wicking materials keep you dry, whilst waterproof fabrics beat off the rain.

Battle the weather, with cycling jackets for men

Prepare for every season, with cycling jackets for men from adidas. Offering a range of sports technologies that shield you from adverse weather, you’ll be able to complete your ride, no matter the climate. Water-repellent and waterproof layers stop you from getting wet when the skies open. Moisture-absorbing fabrics ensure you stay dry inside your jacket, too, by soaking up the sweat as you perspire. Wind-resistant jackets provide protection against chilling winds, so you can cycle for longer.

Men’s cycling jackets for serious cyclists

Enjoy a wide range of men’s cycling jackets from adidas, which prepare you for every type of weather. Windbreakers are great for gusty days when the temperature isn’t too cold. Rain jackets provide lasting protection in wet conditions, so you stay dry for the duration. A cycling track top is great for both road and trail cyclists who want to stay warm but need a full range of movement. Additional touches across the cycling jackets for men collection, such as zip pockets for valuables and hoods to keep your head warm, mean you will have everything you need.

Sustainable cycling jackets to be proud of

With cycling being one of the greenest forms of transport, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve made much of our cycling jacket range using recycled materials. Avoiding the use of virgin materials in production helps reduce the emissions released into the atmosphere. We’ve made it easy for you to look after your cycling jacket, too, so it’ll last longer. Just follow the care instructions on the label of each item to see how best to wash and dry your jacket.