Lightweight cycling equipment

With the latest in lightweight cycling equipment for all, you can go for a ride full of confidence. The latest technological advances offer you safety and style, to reach the peak of your performance.

Get ahead of the rest with up-to-date, lightweight cycling equipment

Easily recognisable for its historical fashion with the famous 3-Stripes, you can ride in style. With a selection of colours and designs, you can find something to complete your look that will make you stand out from the rest. With the newest technology available, you can find lightweight, breathable materials to make your cycling experience that much more comfortable. And keep an eye out for the lightweight cycling equipment that is made up of recycled materials, as we are committed to making a difference, not just in your performance but in the world around us.

Streamlined cycling gear that makes a difference

Increased comfort due to breathable and seamless equipment means that you focus on what really matters. With a better fit, you can keep distractions to a minimum and focus on the road ahead. Trust that with your new streamlined cycling gear from adidas, you will be safer. Reduced drag and wind resistance will help you travel faster, and keep an eye out for the items with fluorescent designs or reflective panels built in, to better protect you as you get out in the world.

Ready to go when you are

With the traditional 3-Stripes design, you will find that some of the items have inbuilt reflective stripes, to better keep you safe in low light, which means that you can safely hit the road whenever it suits you. Easily washable and long-lasting equipment is a minimum expectation from this brand, meaning this lightweight cycling gear is for all and can be used time and time again.