Knee Pads

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Elite Volleyball Kneepads


Protect your body with adidas knee pads

Don’t compromise on protecting your joints when working out, as every athlete knows that an injured knee can take months to heal. Pad up with adidas knee pads for a comfortable fit that allows you a full range of motion whilst supporting and protecting one of your more vulnerable areas. Available in various sizes, you can choose your perfect companion to fit under your sweatpants and allows you to stretch for new heights in your workout – be that football training, cardio or any other sport you need extra protection for.

Our knee protection doesn’t compromise on performance

The knee counts as one of our most important joints when it comes to mobility, flexibility and performance. Squats, jogging, jumping, rowing – it all comes down to bending your knees. Extra support in such a high-maintenance area is never amiss, and the stretch fit that our knee pads sport ensures you can still enjoy maximum flexibility. To soften shock and abrasion, simple foam or EVA foam is inserted in the front pockets, smoothly adapting to the shape of your knee. Soft seams guarantee a scratch-free, comfortable wearing experience, so you can fully concentrate on your workout.

Enjoy your workout without limitations

Having so much added fabric in your knee area might make you think it will contribute to sweat, but adidas knee protection employs moisture-wicking technology to absorb sweat and keep you dry throughout. But we know that technology alone isn’t enough. Available in simple black and white, these knee pads adapt to any workout style you prefer.

Make your pad fit your workout

To make your knee pad work individually for your needs, adidas features a choice of different knee pad designs. Some have extra-wide foam to give your knee all-round protection, whilst other designs concentrate on the core points at the front and have added foam here for even more effective shock absorption.