Rugby Headguards


Play to your full potential with our headguards for rugby

Our headguards for rugby are built to withstand impact and to cushion your head against it above all. They're rigorously tested to ensure their protective effects and their on-field durability and are used by professional rugby players across the world. Their padding is made from foam that doesn't stiffen on impact, staying flexible and soft to cushion your head effectively. They're made from a durable outer fabric, a combination of polyester and plain woven rubber, which adds to their flexibility. The material is perforated to allow for air flow and to deal with moisture. A velvet chin strap is attached, which fastens securely but softly to your face, with ties at the back and contrast binding to add a small visual design touch. A jersey lining adds to their snug fit making sure they stay put when you're taking a crash ball up the field. Their dimensions and padding thickness fall clearly within IRB player equipment parameters.

Rugby headguards that you can trust in any position

In a previous era, headguards for rugby were usually only worn by forwards and almost exclusively reserved for those deep in the engine room, the locks. Nowadays, especially with the vastly increased tempo and the higher levels of impact, they've become commonplace among loose forwards as well, not to mention the odd backline player. Headguards have been the hallmark of some of the most iconic backs of the modern era – Stephen Larkham and Cheslyn Kolbe readily coming to mind, for instance. The high brow ensures that nothing obstructs one's view of the field, so it won't inhibit agility or the ability to see where a gap is likely to develop or which player is running the best line to offload to. Improved ear hole design helps to ensure that you'll be able to hear all the calls as well.