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Rugby Head Guard

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Everyone knows that it’s vitally important to protect the head during sport, and these first-class models provide unrivalled safety. Thanks to lengthy design processes and rigorous testing, these headguards can offer immediate confidence as you head out on to the field. Built to withstand the demands of professional matches, performance is delivered from the opening whistle and comfort is maximised. The sleek styles have a distinctly modern look and will be the envy of your teammates and opposition. Whether you’re more suited to charging into a scrum or down the wing, you’ll be set to dominate like never before.

Strap up and forget!

Models have been meticulously designed to ensure nothing gets in your way and you can stay focused on the game. High brow lines keep the headguards out of your direct line of sight, letting you narrow in on your targets instead. Moisture-absorbing fabrics such as polyester are used to help keep sweat out of your eyes, while ventilation holes provide a constant stream of cool air. Without the threat of overheating and the need for constant adjustment, you’ll be able to take your on-field play to the next level. Firm chin straps keep these headguards in place and feature a soft lining that mitigates irritation around the jaw.

Ultimate padded protection

adidas headguards are built to withstand significant force from multiple directions. The models are fitted with durable foam that cushions your skull from heavy blows. With one on you can charge harder and faster, knowing that you’re equipped to dominate. The padding of our headguards matches international rugby regulations, meaning they can be worn in all competitive matches. Taking a 360-degree approach to protection, foam surrounds the head on the back, front, sides and top. Ear holes ensure the headguards are breathable, though there is still padding along the side panels to offer resistance. You’ll be comprehensively covered regardless of the direction of impact.