Girls' Clothes for Babies and Toddlers

Our great range of girls' clothes for babies and toddlers will get their active lifestyle started early. Suitable for ages 0-4, we've got everything they need to keep moving and having fun, whether they're roaming around the home or off to nursery.
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Stand out with baby and toddler girls t-shirt

Kids will absolutely love these stylish shirts, which come in a broad range of designs that make the most of the adidas brand. The cotton and polyester models are extremely comfortable with effortless in-between fits. Give your child the liberty to move around how they want to on the playground, with comfortable tees that are sure to become some of the most popular items in the wardrobe. Short sleeves offer a maximal range of motion so that kids can play, throw, run and jump without any restriction. Designed to keep up with the active demands of a young child, adidas baby and toddler girls t-shirt are equally durable and snug.

Choose the right shirt

Suited for the weekend or the football pitch, these functional shirts can be worn on any day. Toddlers are naturally very energetic as they discover new ways to have fun, while comfort is of the utmost importance for baby girls. Dress them in the morning and have peace of mind all day that they’ll be well-equipped to chase their friends and play in the park. Kids are talented at getting what they wear dirty, but thankfully this adidas line of tees is made of resistant fabrics that don’t stain easily. These shirts can be easily thrown in with other clothes for hassle-free machines washes.

Details are the key to comfort

Ribbed crewnecks are a prominent feature of baby and toddler girls t-shirts and the practical design helps keep tops keep their shape over time. The classic style is unrestrictive and forgiving, which is exactly what a young child needs. Trendy details such as Trefoil logos and 3-Stripes sleeves create a vintage look, while the breathable fabrics ensure they can be worn when exercising. Inspired by the sporting excellence of adidas, baby and toddler girls t-shirt look best out on the field. Whether that’s a basketball court, football pitch or anything in between, your kid will look like a seasoned pro wearing this stylish range.