Cycling hats

Every cycling hat we offer is made with the latest material technologies, in a choice of modern or retro styles. Get stylish UV head and face protection from adidas cycling hats.
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The Cycling Cap


Make your own choice of cycling hat

We offer a few different types of cycling hats, ranging from modern trucker cap designs to retro flat cap styles. They’re made to fit all sizes, held firmly and comfortably in place with adjustable plastic straps or elasticised backs. The retro caps have a six-panel construction, with a short brim so that you can wear a cycling helmet over them. Our trucker caps for cycling have brims and snapback closures. All our cycling hats are made from materials that help to repel water.

A cycling cap that’s kind to the planet

Every cycling cap at adidas online is made from 100% recycled polyester twill, helping to reduce energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint when you buy them. They’re available in a range of colours, both solid and patterned, with some mimicking the iconic jersey colours of the Tour de France. Their materials are breathable, and some cycling hat models feature mesh panels, to help prevent overheating when you’re riding in hot weather.

Long lasting and easy to care for

Our modern recycled materials are durable, so it’s really easy to take care of your adidas cycling hat. Their multi-panel design helps them to retain their shape when they’re being washed. You can just put them in a cold wash with a mild detergent and then let them dry naturally. While you’re shopping for one, have a look at the adidas cycling helmets to complement them. We also have all manner of other cycling accessories, like steel water bottles and protective cycling sunglasses.