Basketball Socks

As important as shoes are in the game, a pair of basketball socks designed to relieve pressure and offer added support is an ideal way to take your game up a few notches.

Basketball socks for a new level of play

The basketball socks range by adidas offers players a chance to invest in something that isn’t often thought to be important. With all of the pressure playing the game puts on your feet, choosing the right pair of socks is as important as picking the right pair of shoes. Compression socks could be the way forward if you’d like help with circulation. If you’re playing outdoors on a chilly day, check out a few of the leg warmers on sale and keep the heat insulated while you run around. Ultra-light socks are beneficial if you’re running around with bulky shoes offering tons of support.

Crew socks or ankle socks for basketball

Some of the most popular choices when it comes to socks for basketball are either ankle socks if you’re wearing low-rise shoes or crew socks if you’re wearing those famous high-tops. Both types of socks come with smooth toe seams to help offer a more comfortable feel, while the built-in arch support helps protect the bottom of your feet. If you're prone to sweating, check out the basketball socks with AEROREADY technology to take advantage of the sweat-wicking properties. Leg warmers are ideal for colder days and incorporate unique technology that gives more arch support and a tight fit, encouraging more blood flow.

Take care of your socks

The most important thing when buying adidas products is to look after them as best you can, so they protect you for longer. When it comes to socks, take heed of the precautions mentioned on the label. It’s always best to avoid very hot washes or heavy cycles, as this can warp the structure of the socks. Stick to gentle washes with lukewarm or cold water. Leave them out to dry on the line rather than using a dryer.