Basketball Caps & Hats


adidas basketball caps keep your head in the game

Whether you're out on the court or you're just hitting the streets, you want to be sure that you're protected from head to toe. There's no better place to start than with our basketball caps. These caps are specifically designed to offer you maximum protection from the elements, thanks to moisture-absorbing fabric and eyelets that provide added breathability. That way you can be sure that nothing will stop you from keeping your full focus on your workout, no matter the conditions.

From the court to the streets, these basketball caps are perfect for any situation

One of the toughest things about finding the best possible workout clothes is that it can be a struggle to find clothes that you can make ample use of when you're not working out. Thanks to designs influenced by classic adidas styles, these basketball caps ensure that you're not only protected but that you always look your best as well. The subtle, street-wise design makes sure that you're always dressed to impress whether you're playing a game or just hanging out with friends.

Make sure that your cap always gives you the protection you need

A lot of people think about accessories like a cap as a finishing touch to their workout outfit, but the truth is that it can make a lot more difference than you might think. Being able to keep yourself protected from whatever conditions you might end up in is essential to getting the most out of any workout. From moisture-absorbing fabric that keeps you comfortable in the rain to a classically styled brim that keeps the sun out of your eyes, these caps are designed to give you all the protection you need, no matter how intense your workout might become.