Tennis wristbands

You can never have enough tennis wristbands ­– and there's nothing quite like a fresh new pair. Keep things firmly under control with a range of sizes and colours to choose from at adidas online.

Tennis wristbands for a firm grip on your game

Keep your racquet firmly under control on every shot with our tennis wristbands. They're soft and comfortable, while also giving a solid reinforced feeling as you make your shots. Of course, they're primarily designed to stop sweat from running down your arms to your hands and compromising your grip on the racquet handle – so that's what we've focused on most. They're made with advanced moisture-absorbing material blends, combining polyester with cotton, and adding elastodiene to ensure a snug fit. They have a low profile design to maintain a sleek profile on your wrist and to prevent them from snagging on your clothing as you swing.

Tennis sweatbands in a choice of colours and sizes

You can choose the tennis sweatbands that best suit your playing preferences and your aesthetic tastes. They come in sets of two, either small or large. These have the same circumference, with different lengths, depending on how much of your wrist you like to cover. Our tennis wristbands come in a choice of colours, starting with archetypal adidas black or white, embroidered with our instantly recognisable adidas 3-Stripes logo.

Caring for your wristbands and the planet

All of our tennis wristbands are made with at least 60% recycled materials, mostly polyester. We use Parley Ocean Plastic that's reclaimed from the sea to make this. Our cotton is sustainably sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative that promotes responsible farming practises. Taking care of them is as easy as taking care of the planet when you buy them. Just put them in a cold wash cycle and you're done.