Reflective Trousers

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Reflective trousers for the smart athlete

Finding the perfect pair of trousers that allows you just the right amount of stretch for easy movement can seem like an ordeal. Don’t worry though! adidas has got you covered. With different models of trousers to suit different body types, adidas even makes sure that you have access to comfortable reflective trousers. They are made from nylon, polyester and elastane plain weave to make sure that they do not retain moisture. The regular fit reflective trousers strike the perfect balance between snug and loose. They also have side zip pockets as well as back zip pockets. These bottoms are a great addition to your wardrobe if you enjoy working out during the night or like going on hikes and so on. The reflective detailing on these trousers is designed to reflect light during the darker hours of the day.

Get your game on, choose the best reflective trousers

Are you planning a ski tour this winter season? Well, adidas has awesome reflective trousers that breathe as you climb. They have a stretch woven build that allows you to move freely and sheds precipitation at the same time. These trousers also come with a reinforced kicker patch on the ankle to protect you from ski-edge abrasion. The ankle zips are designed to fit over your boot cuffs. These sturdy soft-shell ski pants will go a long way in making sure you stay warm as you enjoy with your friend and family on your ski trip.

Train like the legend

If you want to train like Messi, the legend, adidas offers you top-quality reflective trousers that come with a drop crotch and tapered legs. The smooth seams will reduce irritation as you move and allow you to tackle every workout session with 100% energy. These trousers are easy to maintain and can be washed in your washing machine on the cold cycle. They will last for several years as long as you avoid putting them in the dryer or ironing them.