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Kakari rugby boots


With adidas Kakari rugby boots, you will run like the wind, ducking and weaving past your opponents or providing a firm base for the scrum. Snug fittings support the foot and increase traction.

Step into success with Kakari rugby boots

Rugby is a sport played with power and intensity, and the Kakari range of boots provides the ideal foundation for your game. Created for a world championship tournament, the Kakari rugby footwear has a model for every position on the team, from the front row forwards to the wings. With pioneering sporting technology, adidas has shaped Kakari rugby boots using a lightweight synthetic upper and a split outsole for added manoeuvrability. An internal strap provides a strong, snug fit and the hollow aluminium studs are easily replaceable.

Kakari rugby shoes; stability and versatility

Whether you provide traction in the scrum or need to be fleet-footed, providing agility to forward play, you’ll need to be confident and secure with your feet on the ground. The tough, lightweight design of the Kakari rugby boots supports the foot, while the hollow stud design allows for easy mobility as well as stability in the scrum. Stay light on your feet with the snug lightweight upper, and take advantage of the split outsole that flexes as you duck and weave in play. Designed with soft ground play in mind, the Kakari rugby shoes embrace agility and power, even on the rainiest of days.

Step up for the team

With a blend of classic style and tough durability, Kakari rugby boots were created with the toughest players in mind. The narrow frame has been designed to give a sleek silhouette to the look, while the inner tape secures the boots to your feet, giving you the control you need in tactical manoeuvres. Approach your game with confidence, knowing you are in control of your moves and that your boots will support the quick-thinking tactics necessary to win the game.