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Hydration Bags


Go on a hiking adventure with adidas hydration bags

adidas hydration bags are the perfect addition for long walks, runs or any outdoor activity. Carry your essentials without any hassle in these big bags and enjoy the outdoors effortlessly.

Stay hydrated without having to carry a bottle

adidas hydration bags are made from waterproof material so you can put your water bottles inside without worrying about leaks. The lightweight feel and padded shoulders make these designs easy to carry, causing less damage to your back and shoulders. Pack your full training kit, trainers and a bit of food without feeling the strain. These hydration bags also feature separate pockets and compartments for smaller items such as keys or accessories, a convenient feature that stops smaller items going amiss. Comfort is important to adidas, and so we want to ensure your bag suits you perfectly. A buckling fit allows you to adjust your bag so that it is the ideal fit for you. These hydration bags also come with a removable bladder attached to a drinking tube. Find the design that matches your style and your gym kit, with a wide range of different colours to choose from. Mix and match your leisurewear and have fun while doing it.

An easy way to keep your hydration levels up

Staying hydrated is an important part of any exercise or activity and adidas want to make the process as easy and accessible as possible. Whether you're going to a tough session at the gym or heading out and about for a long hike up the hills, adidas hydration bags are a practical way of keeping your hydration levels up. When you're on the go and don’t have time to stop, look no further for a quick drink or a little something to refuel you.