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Run Visors


Headbands and visors for running to take performance a step further

No need to search any longer for high-quality, stylish headbands and visors for running that have been engineered for peak performance. They range from narrow, cooling and sweat-inhibiting lined visors and headbands to wider, trail-running headbands designed to be worn in colder weather. These latter items will see you through hiking and skiing activities as well, with a soft and lightweight single jersey knit fabric made from a combination of nylon, polyester and elastene. This makes them stretchy and snug, while flatlock seams ensure they don't feel too tight or irritate specific areas of your head. All fabrics we use have been created with sweat-wicking properties to efficiently deal with the inevitable perspiration, no matter the weather. This makes them very quick drying, so they won't retain moisture, which can be a small concern with a headband that doesn't deal with sweat as effectively. Our visors shield you from the glare while also cooling you down, using breathable mesh to encourage airflow across your head. They're secured with hook-and-loop back straps. Reflective detailing helps with visibility in low-light running conditions.

Wonderfully versatile running headbands and visors

Our headbands and visors for running are obviously purpose designed for runners, but that can also encompass fitness training for any kind of sport. In fact, they can just as easily be used to play basketball, hockey and tennis too. Naturally, dedicated trail runners will perhaps benefit most from the technologies packed into them. This multi-functionality extends to their all-weather properties too. They'll keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and dry and comfortable through all seasons as your fitness routines change. They really are true all-rounders that you can take with you for any sort of training. If you're a serious runner, they're the high-performance headbands and visors you need – at the end of the day, they're simply designed to do one thing as efficiently as modern technology will allow: keep the sweat out of your eyes.