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Golfing Visors


Stay stylishly protected with headbands and visors for golf

Keep the sun out of your eyes as you aim for your next best shot on the green with adidas accessories such as this range of headbands and visors for golf. One of the best things about these visors is their ability to preserve breathability as they cover only the bare minimum to protect your eyes without restricting the rest of your head. Choose yours in the classic golf colour white, which you can easily match with the rest of your outfit or funk it up by adding a bit of colour, or show your love for the brand by choosing a style that proudly displays the 3-Stripes or the Trefoil at the front.

Golf headbands and visors built for your ultimate comfort

Each golf headband and visor in this selection has been built with your performance on the golf course in mind. The use of ripstop fabric gives your visor durability against possible tears and rips, while the addition of an inner sweatband ensures you stay dry throughout the game. A pre-curved brim will give you the ability to easily focus your vision for the next shot, while a flat brim will give you the power to personalise the curve to your liking.

Match it up with your outfit and preferences

Once you’ve matched your choice of colour to the rest of your outfit, it is time to find the style of headbands and visors for golf that match your needs and preferences. Those equipped with elastic at the back can be easily slipped on and off, while a hook-and-loop closure will give you control over the fit of your visor. You might prefer to go more generic with a one size fits all style, but for the ultimate fitting visor look for those that come in a variety of sizes to choose from.

A sporty golfing visor keeps you eagle-eyed on every swing

Don’t let the sun ruin a perfect tee shot or chip-in for birdie. Our sporty golfing visors offer the protection of a cap, with the added benefit of unrestricted airflow so you always keep a cool head when it counts. Durable ripstop fabric makes them tough and durable over hours of wear, while an inner band absorbs sweat so your vision remains clear with each swing. A flexible brim allows you to shape your curve while elastic and hook-and-loop closures personalise your fit.