Sports Headbands and Visors

Volleyball Black COLD.RDY Running Training HeadbandVolleyball Black COLD.RDY Running Training Headband

COLD.RDY Running Training Headband


Stay focused with performance sports headbands and visors

Sun, sweat, hair… no one likes any of these in their eyes during workouts. They’re a distraction on the court, in the gym and on the trail. Lock everything in place, control sweat and block out the sun with adidas’ range of performance sports headbands and visors. Find a style to suit your needs and get out there to train faster, longer and harder.

Tie it back, so you can move forward

Performance sports headbands and visors come in extra handy for those with long hair. It’s a constant effort when it’s all over the place during training. You want to hold that plank an extra thirty seconds but that annoying strand is tickling your cheek. It’s a windy day on the court and you keep missing crucial shots thanks to the chunk of hair that keeps blowing in your face. You could go another mile, but that curl bobbing in and out of your vision is driving you crazy. Sound familiar? adidas is here to provide the solution to all of these kinds of problems with a range of sports headbands. Choose thin, lightweight and flexible designs to tie your hair back and stay focused during gym workouts, runs or football matches. Even when things get heated, they’ll be sure to stay put so you can push harder unhindered. These headbands come in a variety of colours, letting you mix and match with the rest of your kit, so you’ll look great too!

Perform every stroke, swing or step to perfection

In any sport, you’re likely to build up a sweat. That, combined with those hair issues above, is a recipe for disaster, and that’s not to mention the sun! Eliminate it all by choosing from a range of thicker sport headbands that hold everything together as well as keeping the sweat from your eyes. They’re great for tennis, hockey or running and give you an iconic sporting look. Pick a classic visor if you’re training in hot conditions or hitting the links for a sun-drenched afternoon of golf. Wind, rain or shine, these performance sports headbands and visors are a great accessory for any sporting endeavour.