Girls’ football boots

The adidas girls’ football boots range will help her get the most out of her game. Growing feet need support and comfort, particularly out on the pitch, and you can be sure she’ll get both in our football boots for girls. She’ll benefit from the same innovative styles and technologies as the professional players that use adidas boots, and you can find footwear for all types of pitch surface. Girls’ football shoes in the range include dependable stalwarts of the pitch, like Predator, X and Copa boots. Choose from lace-up or slip on, with stretchy, comfortable uppers and supportive mid-cut collars. Whether she’s putting on her first pair of girl’s football boots or aspiring to greatness, from the first to the final whistle, she'll be ready for action.
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Mastering the game of football requires performance footwear designed and constructed to maximise your potential on any playing surface. Our selection of girls’ football boots features stretchy synthetic uppers with textured Control Zones, so she can enjoy long-lasting comfort while improving her passing and kicking skills. Sock liners with EVA cushioning in the midsole provide dynamic stability and support for instant responsiveness when offence switches to defence. The girls’ football shoes collection includes multi-ground all-rounders, in addition to specialist options for tackling the game on firm/soft ground and on turf. There are also girls football boots for indoor surfaces – perfect for five-a-sides in the school sports hall and beyond.


The adidas girls’ football shoes collection can take your young one’s game to the next level, whether she’s trying out for the school team or a youth feeder team for one of the big clubs. Multi-ground boots are great as an all-rounder and ideal for a beginner who enjoys playing the game on any surface. As her confidence level and skills develop over time, she may develop a preference between the indoor/outdoor game, at which point you can upgrade her girls’ football boots to a more specialised model to better take on the competition. All of our boots are available in a wide range of sizes, and feature multiple colours, including black, pink, green and yellow, so you can find some that she really likes to wear.


adidas girls’ football footwear is available in laced and laceless versions, so you can experiment with them to identify which option best suits her comfort level and stride pattern. Our collection provides a variety of colours and styles, and you can check out our size chart for kids’ football boots to make sure you get the perfect fit. adidas provides football boots for girls of all ages to embark on their footballing dreams, and gives them the tools to help bring those dreams to reality.

Girls’ football boots Frequently Asked Questions

adidas football boots for kids have no major differences, as the sizes are the same between boys’ and girls’ football shoes. So your daughter can choose the style and colour that she prefers.
No. While many years ago football boots tended to be a size smaller than regular shoes, today they offer the same fit, so you can go ahead and get boots in her normal size.
The main difference between girls and women’s boots is the size, so if her feet fit a woman’s boot then that will do the trick for older girls.