Black Basketball Shoes

Black basketball shoes for the whole family are a versatile wardrobe choice and a necessity for an active lifestyle. Define your style off and on the court when you step into this protective, stylish footwear.
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Black basketball shoes are a smart choice for smart players

No matter if you are training or about to go head-to-head with an opposing team, your footwear on the court is an important element of your performance. When you lace up your black basketball shoes, you can put your head down and focus on what's important while we focus on bringing you the best shoe we can. Features like ankle support, cushioning and EVA midsoles have been expertly designed to give you the ultimate in lightweight protection that won't let you down when you step on the three-point line.

Black basketball sneakers are for all players

In our range of classic or creative black basketball shoes, you'll find a style that suits every member of the family, with a wide variety of men’s, women’s and kids’ black basketball sneakers to choose from. Not only do they look good, but they are built to last. With strong fabrics like suede and leather and extra protection elements like textile lining, you can feel comfortable wearing your pair of black basketball sneakers every day. Thick, rubber outsoles further ensure the longevity of the product, meaning your shoes can go just as hard as you can, for as long as you can, and always keep up.

Keeping your look in tip-top condition is a breeze

There is no doubt that a pair of basketball shoes will help your game, and even less doubt when it comes to the style statement you'll be making when stepping out in your pair of black shoes. This timeless clean-cut choice of footwear can dress up or down and shows you're a person who knows what they like. We know to look your best and play your best, you'll need to keep your shoes in the best condition possible. We have made it easy with removable innersoles and laces that pop into your washing machine. Nothing more than a gentle wipe with warm water is needed to shine up the outside.