Golf Socks

adidas golf socks are available in a range of cuts and all of them emphasise comfort and support. Keep your feet cushioned and protected with socks designed specifically for golf.

Your choice of cuts with adidas golf socks

Whether you prefer your socks subtle or loud you're sure to find a pair that suits you from adidas. Low-cut options stay hidden in your shoes while giving you luxurious cushioning and support. Crew socks come up your calf and are perfect for a bit of added warmth on chilly days. When the sun comes out you can match them with your favourite pair of golf shorts and show off your socks in style. For the perfect middle ground, adidas also has classic ankle socks that just peek out above your shoes. All cuts of adidas golf shoes are available in single pairs and in packs.

Experience comfort and support with adidas golfing socks

All adidas socks for golfing are designed to provide cushioned support to golfers for those long days at the golf course. Extra compression is designed to support the midfoot and helps to make sure your arch is well supported. Your feet are the base of all your shots so give them the luxury and support they need with golf socks made with your golfing needs in mind. Wash in warm water and go for air drying over tumble drying to help your socks last.

Extra support when you need it most

Some adidas golf socks come with added bonuses that improve your comfort on the golf course. Extra padding in the toe and heel target those areas most prone to friction and blisters. Gripper yarn helps keep your feet in place so you can feel steady while you swing. For those extra pressure days get the extra support you need with golf socks from adidas.