Waterproof Headwear

Men Golf Black Primegreen RAIN.RDY Bucket HatMen Golf Black Primegreen RAIN.RDY Bucket Hat

Primegreen RAIN.RDY Bucket Hat

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4CMTE Four Panel RAIN.RDY Running Training Cycling Cap


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Keep your hair dry and your head warm with our waterproof headwear

Here at adidas we’ve put together a collection of waterproof headwear that is designed to keep you warm and dry no matter what the conditions outside are like. No one wants to arrive at their destination with dripping wet hair, yet a lot of the hats and headwear on the market today aren’t fully waterproof. We have used the latest technologies and a seamless finish to ensure that you stay warm, comfortable and dry throughout even the harshest winter weather conditions.

Headwear to suit all sports and circumstances

We have a wide range of waterproof headwear that’s designed to suit all requirements and style preferences. This includes a collection of everyday headwear that will be suitable if you simply want to keep your head stylishly dry and protected whenever you leave the house during the winter. We also have waterproof hats that are tailored towards specific sports and activities, including running beanies, training hats and much more. We know that different sports and situations require a different level of protection, fit and flexibility, and that’s what our specialist collection of headwear delivers.

The right waterproof headwear for you

If you’re looking through the adidas range of waterproof headwear and feeling unsure about what you should purchase, we recommend looking for a waterproof hat based on the sort of activities you expect to be engaging in. If you’re purchasing a hat for running, for example, breathability, comfort and moisture-wicking materials are going to be some of the qualities you need to look for. After all, while you need protection from the rain, you also need to make sure you’re comfortable and that the hat doesn’t retain all of your sweat. Shop based on your preferred activities and you’ll be able to find the perfect hat for you.