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You: one – elements: nil

You can control your tactics if you plan ahead, you can control the ball if you train hard enough, and you can control your opponent if you’re one step in front. The weather, however, is out of your hands. That’s why you need to be fully equipped and grab one of these adidas waterproof football jackets. This selection of lightweight outerwear for weather-resistant protection means that you can concentrate on playing your game and not battling the elements, using a variety of technological advancements to keep you dry and focused. Whatever the weather, adidas has got your back.

Whatever the weather

A number of items in this selection of waterproof football jackets benefit from the innovative technology adidas has to offer. Climastorm means the jacket stays breathable whilst also being water-repellent, giving you added protection to keep you dry and comfortable. Climaproof offers you a protective barrier from the elements including rain, wind and snow. These waterproof football jackets mean your game can be truly unstoppable: when you’re correctly equipped, it will take a lot more than a bit of bad weather to make you give in.

Style meets substance

But Climastorm and Climaproof are just one way these jackets are intelligently designed for battling against the elements. Smaller details such as elasticated openings and zip fastenings make a world of difference when the rain pours or the wind howls. And when you add all these innovations to a bold contemporary design that’s rooted in football style, you have a jacket that’s truly made for winners. That’s exactly the case with these waterproof football jackets. Style meets substance as you stay protected from the wind and rain, looking and feeling fresh at all times. True footballers want to play even in the worst conditions, and that’s exactly who these jackets are made for. No more excuses – get on and play your game.