Football jackets

Football jackets from adidas help keep your muscles primed for the big game. Sweat-wicking materials keep you dry, lightweight fabrics won't weigh you down, whilst stretchy designs promote natural movement. Of course all football jackets are not created equal, and each has its own time and purpose. Lightweight jackets are ideal for training sessions when the weather’s far from summery. Padded football jackets allow you to show your support for your team in the stadium or while you’re out and about, and to stay warm into the bargain. If you’re looking for something to wear casually with zip pockets to keep your essentials in, sports-style football coats are as good for going to the shops as going for a run or heading out on the town.
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Prepare for the next match in style with the football jackets collection from adidas. With a variety of original and club designs, there’s something for every football fan’s wardrobe. We’ve gotfootball jackets for men, women and kids football coats too, so everyone can stay warm during your next family kick about. Superior technology across the range works to keep you comfortable from start to finish. Moisture-managing properties soak up sweat, so you remain dry. Football jackets with breathable materials and mesh panels promote airflow, so your body temperature stays regulated. Lightweight and stretchy materials ensure you aren’t weighed down by your clothing and that you can stretch and slide for every ball.


No matter if you’re keeping your muscles primed before a game, staying warm after the final whistle or protecting yourself from the elements in the stands, our football coats range is suitable for all occasions. With fashion and functionality being equally important, adidas football jackets are as relevant on the pitch as they are for a day out with friends. Finer details, like zip pockets to keep personal belongings and thumbholes on sleeves to help keep your hands warm, mean you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.


Whatever the weather, the football jackets collection from adidas keeps you covered so you aren’t stopped in your tracks. Wind-resistant designs help protect you from strong gusts, waterproof and water-repellent materials shield you from the rain, whilst insulating properties keep you warm when the temperature drops. Hoods also provide additional protection for your head when the weather becomes particularly adverse. Many of our coats for football are easily packable too, so you can take them off and store them with ease if the sun makes an appearance.

Football jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, be sure to look at the care instructions on the tag. Waterproof jackets should not be washed with ordinary detergent as this will damage the water-resistant coating. Instead use a product designed for waterproof items. Before washing in the machine, brush off loose dirt.
Footballers wear a variety of coats depending on the situation. For training, a lightweight all-weather jacket or track hoodie is standard. For keeping warm pre-match or while waiting as a substitute a stadium parka is ideal. There are even club-specific anthem jackets that each team wears when they take to the pitch before a game.
Keeping your muscles warmed up before you go on pitch can increase your flexibility and speed, and help you increase injury. During training in winter months, they can help you stay comfortable so you can get the most out of your session.