Swim Towels


Swim towels

In the adidas collection of swim towels you will find towels in a variety of colours, created to match a large range of tastes and preferences and be the perfect addition to your swimming bag. Towels are available in many different sizes, the largest of which is the swim towel. It can be easily wrapped around your body following a swimming session to dry your skin quickly and help you stay warm. If you want something easier to carry, consider getting a medium-sized towel that won’t take up much space but will be just as effective. Small towels are also available and the perfect choice if you’re shopping for a toddler.

Long-lasting quality

All the swim towels in this collection are designed to incorporate quality materials that provide comfort after a hard training session at the pool. Lightweight cotton fabric with quick-drying characteristics is used to help you stay warm and protect you from humidity and moisture, while ensuring you don’t have to carry extra weight on your shoulders. The use of durable material ensures that adidas swim towels last for extended periods of time without losing their colour or softness, even when used by frequent swimmers multiple times a week.

A towel to match your personality

Choose an adidas swim towel with the logo displayed proud and large, or go for a colourful style to match your personality. Even if you prefer a discreet style in more classic colours, you’ll also find the towel just for you. If you’re conscious of space or have a smaller swim bag, look for a towel equipped with a pocket that you can fold it up into, helping you to contain it in a small space. You don’t have to go far to find the perfect swim towel – everything you need is right here in the adidas collection.