Men's Swimming Goggles


Men’s swimming goggles

Goggles are more than just an accessory: for regular swimmers, they are an essential piece of kit. Why? They offer ultimate clarity while in the water, which can be vital in a competitive or casual situation; they offer protection against saltwater and chlorine that can irritate the eyes; and, for glasses wearers, they offer the perfect solution for prescription lenses. This selection of men’s swimming goggles from adidas provides all these benefits and more, with goggles that are at the cutting-edge of design and use the most innovative swimwear technology available, as used by the world’s greatest.

High performance, clear vision

Whether you are a casual swimmer looking to see how long you have left in your session or a competitive swimmer trying to see if you are ahead of the pack or almost being caught, swimmers need clear vision while in the water. These swimming goggles for men provide exactly that, with lenses fitted with both ANTIFOG finishing and UV protection. Adjustable straps and nosepieces let you find that perfect fit for no-hassle swimming, while moulded frames provide a wide field of vision to let you stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

For all swimmers

These men’s swimming goggles offer something for everyone, with a number of designs including mirrored and unmirrored finishes and customisable sets that allow you to cater to your prescription lenses. The collection also includes a number of different models, which lets you find your perfect pair of swimming goggles for men depending on your level, whether you are a recreational trainer who swims for fitness purposes, a regular trainer looking to build endurance and technique or a performance trainer who is attempting to hone their skills and beat the competition. With adidas men’s swimming goggles, you can truly be ready for anything.