Towels & Bathrobes


Towels & bathrobes

Stay dry after your swim with this collection of towels & bathrobes by adidas. Including a variety of colours and styles to choose from, you can find a design to suit your taste whether you prefer discreet and classic white or like to make a statement with a loud colour such as red. Towels are available in four different sizes depending on your preference, with the swim towel being the largest. If you prefer more coverage and something cosy to hang out in after your exercise session, go for a swim gown which offers a classic style and fabric so soft it will soothe your skin and help re-energise you after working out.

Quality to match functionality

Towels & bathrobes from adidas have been designed to increase comfort after your swim. This starts with specifics such as the use of quick-drying cotton, which helps you dry quickly and stay warm, protecting your skin from moisture and humidity. The lightweight nature of the fabric ensures you don’t carry unnecessary extra weight on your way to the swimming pool or on your shoulders after your swim, while its durable quality gives adidas towels & bathrobes an extended lifespan, ensuring they don’t lose their softness or colour over time.

Wear it with confidence

Whether your preference is for a lightweight towel or a bathrobe, you’ll be able to step out of the swimming pool and confidently slip into your drying item of choice with confidence. Bathrobes with a belt around the waist help you secure the fit so you can walk around comfortably, while a style with pockets is helpful for those who prefer having a few essential items handy. Choose a towel with a fold-over pocket if you want a practical feature that doesn’t take up much room and can be contained in a small space. Regardless of your preference when it comes to towels & bathrobes, we’re confident you’ll find the right style for you.