Swimming Shoes for Babies and Toddlers

Here comes adidas again with their swimming shoes for toddlers range that offer everything your baby needs, from closed-toed summer sandals to adventure sports swimming shoes, and even standard sandals.

Baby and toddler swimming shoes

Don’t send your kid off swimming without a pair of swimming shoes for babies and toddlers, which will add confidence and security whether they’re in the pool or at the beach. This collection by adidas is fun and colourful, and you’ll find various designs to suit the individual preferences of both girls and boys. But most importantly, these are sandals that are so comfortable they’ll run around all day and won’t want to take them off.

Comfort from a young age

It’s of the utmost importance to ensure comfortable shoes for your kids from a young age. These are their formative years, and having adequate shoes will affect how they grow. Sandals are no exception, and adidas uses only the best quality materials and designs for its collection of swimming shoes for babies and toddlers. This includes the use of EVA for outsoles – a rubbery material which prevents slippage on wet surfaces, it ensures your peace of mind, while its flexibility and softness adapt to each step to deliver optimal comfort. An EVA upper is also used for flexibility to give a maximum range of movement, while still supporting the foot through front and ankle straps.

Safety first

Once toddlers start walking it’s difficult to stop them, but what you can do is provide stability and safety through the shoes they’re wearing. adidas has added some details to the collection of swimming shoes for babies and toddlers that will put your mind at ease. A style with a contoured footbed will keep your kid’s feet from slipping, while adjustable straps serve to adjust the fit to their size. The use of hook and loop closures also makes swimming shoes for babies and toddlers easy to slip on and take off, while their ability to drain water quickly will keep your child’s feet dry and free from unwanted moisture.