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Spikes Running Shoes

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Adizero XCS TME Shoes

Track & Field

Get ready to race in running shoes with spikes

If you’re looking for running shoes with spikes for track events, the adidas collection is designed for racing. Ultralight with a locked down fit, adidas running shoes with spikes offer maximum traction so you can keep moving at full speed. Whether your race is 200, 400, 800 or 1600 metres, adidas running shoes provide explosive starts, give you control along the curves and are ideal for many distances. A breathable mesh upper improves breathability to keep your feet cool while a responsive midsole offers compression and support. The lightweight build and solid spike plate enhance performance as you’re sprinting hard down the track.

Stay on your toes in running shoes with spikes

Designed for the power sprinter, running shoes by adidas are ultralight and won’t weigh you down. Sprinting spikes keep you on your toes as you accelerate toward the finish line. A spike plate at the front offers extra grip at the forefoot to improve your stride turnover. When you’re running mid- and long-distance events, track spikes give you the traction to keep racing. Lace closures and mesh uppers offer breathability with a locked-in feel, while a lightweight EVA midsole gives you superior cushioning. Spiked shoes are much lighter than a training shoe, with a high-quality design that boosts performance and guarantees comfort for sprinters and distance runners.

Train for the track and field in adidas spikes running shoes

When you’re training hard, the right gear is essential as you strive to run your personal best. Choose a lightweight tank top that wicks sweat and form-fitting shorts or leggings. The adidas range also includes shoes with spikes for track and field events such as long jump, high jump and triple jump, as well as pole vault, shot put and javelin. Designed specifically for these events, these shoes offer extra flexibility, stability and cushioning.