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Skorts for Golfing


Skorts for golfing are designed to support your top performance while ensuring you look stylish. Skorts for golfing are a great addition to your game on the green. Check out our range online.

Frill Dress
Sport Skort
Colorblock Dress
Sport Skort
Frill Skort
Ultimate365 Printed Skirt
Sport Skort
Go-To Commuter Primegreen Skirt
Golf Dress
Sport HEAT.RDY Sleeveless Dress
Frill Skirt (Plus Size)
Frill Skirt (Plus Size)

Golf skorts technologies, styles and patterns

You can find golf skorts with the sporty 3-Stripes pattern on the side for a classic adidas look. Take your pick from long and short sleeve dresses, as well as Primegreen dresses available in a variety of colours. Our Primegreen dresses are made from a series of high-performance recycled materials, making them both effective and ecological. Our golf skorts are specially designed for sports performance on the green. However, you can wear many of our skorts casually due to the supreme comfort and fashionable sports-casual look. They're designed to be flexible and comfortable, made from a mixture of breathable cotton and polyester fabrics. Look for dresses made from our AEROREADY fabric, which is designed to absorb water quickly. These dresses manage moisture fantastically and always keep you dry.

Skorts for golfing help provide freedom

Skorts are perfect for golf because they provide the freedom of shorts whilst giving the classic appearance of a skirt. You can crouch and bend comfortably and line up your shots with the same confidence you have when wearing shorts. They come with two front pockets and a back pocket with a zip so you can carry all your essential belongings onto the field without worrying about losing them.

How to take care of your skorts

When taking care of your skorts, please do not dry clean or bleach them and always machine wash them in cold water. You can touch up with a cool iron or tumble dry at low heat if you need to. Try to use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener. Remember to wash with like colours.