Stay comfortably active with adidas skorts

If you’re the type of person who engages in lots of sports activities, you know how important it is to find clothing that isn’t just comfortable but has a lot of room for free and varied movement. Skorts are specially designed to meet your specific needs when carrying on with your active lifestyle. You can put on your sports skorts during summer to have a fun-filled time at the basketball court, especially those designed with pleats at the back. Back-pleated skorts are attractive with excellent finishing. The pleated design is attached to the skort in diverse ways – some are joined in a curved line to the rest of the skort, while others make a straight-line shape. The looks you can achieve in skorts are endless, and you’ll appreciate all you come across. The adidas skort also features two side pockets to put your spare tennis balls in. The other pocket is designed to accommodate your valuables, such as keys, cards and phones. The high-waist feature of our skorts gives you an extra flattering appearance.

Extra coverage of skorts

You might get uneasy because of the length of the skorts, but if this is the case, you needn’t worry. All our skorts feature in-built breathable mesh shorts, which provide extra coverage as you enjoy your tennis game. Additionally, the double-layer skort – which has an outer skirt and an inner short – provides comfort and coverage with no worries about slippage. This double-layer skort is designed with a triangle-like gusset and an internal drawcord for more fit and comfort. No matter how intense the game might get, you never need to worry about the length of your skort. These garments are built to meet all your coverage needs and allow you to excel at your chosen sport in confidence.