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Mens Down and Quilted Jackets


Our range of men's down and quilted jacket keep you warm and cosy whatever the weather. With water repellent, waterproof and recycled material options, there's something for every lifestyle.

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Men’s down and quilted jackets

Never again will the weather have the upper hand. Throw on a men’s down jacket and you’ll instantly feel the confidence of knowing you’re prepared for any condition. The adidas range has slim, modern designs that evoke a graceful appearance. Despite being a comfort-first item, the jackets are classy and can be worn in formal settings. Understated adidas elements, such as the Badge of Sport, add an athletic energy in sharp contrasting colours. Whether you’re heading to training or the office, a men’s down jacket puts you in command.

Comprehensive insulating padding

The key to men’s down and quilted jackets is the quality of filling. adidas uses a range of fabrics which include duck and goose down, feathers, and polyester padding. Forming a dense layer between you and the outdoor elements, the jackets insulate your body and prevent temperature loss. Materials such as woven nylon and polyester are used to create a tough exterior shell. You’ll also find that adidas men’s down jackets are resistant to water and wind thanks to Conextbaffles construction and coating. Rain setting in will never change your plans again with one of these premium quality jackets that keep you dry and warm at the same time.

Loaded with meaningful details

Side zip pockets are standard across the collection to make your life easier. The snug pouches offer a place to keep your hands warm as well as lock away essential items. Elastic cuffs create an airtight barrier at the base of the sleeves to trap in body heat. If you love heading out with music playing, opt for a jacket with built-in headphone channels. Men’s down and quilted jackets come in sporty, hooded models as well as sophisticated, collared styles. Some are intended for casual wear while others are engineered for winter sports. Ranging from XS to 3XL, there’s sure to be a men’s down jacket that’s perfect for you.