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Mens Lightweight Down Jackets


Pack the heat on the colder days with these men's lightweight down jackets

Time for flight is nigh. Take to the curbs of urban life with men's quilted down jackets in the chilliness of winter. Suited for almost all weather, adidas men's lightweight down jackets get you the warmth you need to keep yourself comfortable in any bad weather condition. Be it light-rain, breezy snowfall, or piercing winds, these down jackets do what they’re good at in your time of need, with its Conextbaffles down construction; soft feather plumage of duck downs are used for insulation. The regular and slim-fit variants provide the choice between free, flow-down feel and snugged, close-to-body feel for those who like it better. To add to your fashion statement, these jackets come in different shades of black, legend ink, active red, and raw khaki.

Sprinkle drops of style on your downs

Smashing lights and cold weather doesn't bother the fashion slayers. Donning the 3-Stripes down jacket, show-off in the limelight with its triple slash of white at the back. All the down jackets come with a water-repellant feature that blocks any incoming wave of rain, wind, or snow. Say no to compromise on accessibility with adidas down jackets for men. Show a true range of usage with side zip pockets, drawcord adjustable hem, and built-in headphone channel to listen to your favourite track while on the run. Quilt or polyester stitched shell locks your body heat within the jacket letting you explore beyond the zones where the mercury has dropped. Store any important accessories, keys, or phone close to you with the side zip provided in the men's lightweight down jacket. Your ride to the North can't get any better with the puffy down jackets that seal in the heat you need to enjoy the ride without worrying about freezing.