Kids Gazelle Shoes and Trainers


Reviving an adidas classic for all ages with kidsโ€™ Gazelle

From toddlers to teens, our kidsโ€™ Gazelle range faithfully echoes one of the most fabled adidas trainers from the 1960s, made most famous in 1991. Your kids can start wearing them from the age of one, and the littlest ones look adorable on tiny feet. Soft synthetic suede uppers and a synthetic leather lining look cool and provide the kind of stability and support toddlers need with plenty of grip provided by their rubber outsoles. Next up in the range are the more authentic looking shoes for the pre-teens. These really evoke the era, featuring the original colours and now with genuine suede uppers. They have our Meekron textile lining combined with an OrthoLiteยฎ sockliner. The outsoles are made from the same durable rubber. Our range for teens is the real thing: detailed replicas of the hugely popular Gazelle trainers from back in the day. The characteristic low-profile suede upper is there along with the contrast heel tab.

adidas Gazelle for kids that adapts to their developing needs

The kidsโ€™ Gazelle models for the youngest ones have been adapted for minimum fuss in getting them on and off โ€“ while still keeping them trendy โ€“ with their wide hook-and-loop straps. Those synthetic uppers protect kids' feet as they're toddling around, and the soles won't leave scuff marks after the inevitable encounters with walls and furniture. They'll suit kids until the age of around four, at which point they can switch to the next level in our model range. Their more sporty focus and enhanced features will provide the right kind of support for their developing feet as they become more active. From then till about eight, they can confidently step into these comfortable, more athletically inclined shoes. And when image becomes more important for the teens, the authentic reissue model will be welcomed with glee.