Laceless football boots

With snug-fitting laceless football boots by adidas, you’ll not only be able to channel your favourite elite players but you’ll have the confidence to inject that same energy into your own game.

Laceless football boots for every playing surface

Whether playing on turf, artificial grass or indoor surfaces, the adidas laceless football boots will have something for your game. Designed with power, control and footwork in mind, these boots have been created using revolutionary design technology that considers every move. With strategically placed strike zones on the upper and outsoles designed for the pitch surface, you’ll be able to take control of your game with ease. Choose from textile, leather or mesh uppers, depending on your need for support or speed.

Dare to be different, with football boots without laces

adidas has produced a range of football boots without laces that will take you blasting into the modern game with confidence and style. Cushioned padding helps the boots fit like a second skin and a knitted adidas collar fits snugly around the ankle, giving you a feeling of support and security on firm ground. Ribbing on the upper is specially designed to help you guide the ball to the right spot and will take your game to a new level. If you are playing on artificial turf, choose a pair of laceless football boots with a light upper and a stretchy inner sock that will keep your feet stable and comfortable.

Live the spirit of the game

Embrace all possibilities of the modern football game, with a pair of laceless boots by adidas. Show off your competitive edge as you take control of the pitch, secure in your stride and strategic footwork; you’ll be the envy of your competitors. These football boots by adidas are game-changers – whether striking or defending, there is a boot to suit your preferred style of play.