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Brown Hiking Boots and Shoes


Brown hiking boots and shoes

The most important item in a hiker’s wardrobe is a pair of hiking shoes that provide adequate protection to your feet and can be used confidently on a variety of terrains. If you love matching colours and would like a pair that matches with most of your hiking outfits, this collection of brown hiking boots and shoes by adidas has just what you need, and with a variety of brown shades to choose from, as well as some styles that include pops of colour, you are guaranteed to find a pair that matches your personality.

It’s all about support

Brown hiking boots and shoes by adidas have been designed with the aim of providing you support inside and out when you’re trying to reach your final destination. Rubber outsoles such as Traxion and Continental™ ensure maximum grip no matter the weather conditions, while TPU overlays add support for your feet and durability for your brown walking boots when you encounter harsher conditions. Support on the inside starts with an adequate midsole such as Boost, which is responsive and ensures no effort is wasted with its ability to store energy then release it when it’s needed, while lining such as GORE-TEX® gives you added comfort thanks breathability.

A pair to suit every need

When choosing your brown hiking boots from this adidas collection, it’s important to take into consideration the various characteristics of each pair and how they can answer your needs. A lightweight style ensures you don’t have extra weight to carry up the hill, while a construction that hugs the foot like a sock will give you more stability and a snug feel. Choose brown hiking boots and shoes with a speed lacing system that will get you going in no time or one with a Combi lacing structure that allows a more controlled and secure closure, but if you want to prevent your laces from tangling, then a style with lace Bungee will help you stow them away.