Black Friday: Trainers

£13 - £180

Get ready for adidas Black Friday trainers sale

If you love a bargain, then you know that the best time of the year to find great discounts has arrived. Browse our Black Friday trainers outlet and find authentic designs that will make heads turn. We take style very seriously, but we know that a good pair of trainers is so much more than that. That’s why we only produce high-quality items that will stand the test of time – our trainers are made to last. Our workout and running trainers are made from lightweight EVA midsole that cushions your feet and helps absorb some of the impact when you run. This cushioning feels incredibly soft on the feet, so you don’t have to worry about wearing uncomfortable shoes during your fitness sessions. Many of our trainers also feature mesh inserts that allow for more ventilation, helping your feet cool down and keep dry. Browse all the available trainers on our Black Friday sale and make the best of the promotions on offer.

Find the right pair of trainers this Black Friday

No matter your style or your chosen sport, we have something right for you in our Black Friday trainers outlet. Those practising long-distance running and heavier-impact activities should opt for our sturdier trainers that offer cushioning for the heel and the forefoot and boast extraordinary traction in wet and dry conditions – these shoes can handle anything. For rainier days, opt for one of our leather trainers that are excellent at keeping the water away from your feet. For runs early in the morning and late at night, our bright and colourful trainers will make sure you stand out in the darkness. We also have a range of trendy trainers for everyday wear that are also perfect for a casual night out. Choose from colourful or classic designs and make a bold statement with our Trefoil and 3-Stripes logo. Don’t forget to choose a pair of cosy socks to go with your trainers. The adidas socks are designed to optimise your comfort and also to draw moisture away from your feet. Choose from low-cut, ankle and longer socks, perfect for any occasion.