Womens Weightlifting Shoes

Give yourself a strong and stable platform with a pair of women’s weightlifting shoes by adidas, because the best lifting performance requires a solid foundation. When you’re aiming to improve your performance in squats and Olympic-style lifts our heeled squat shoes can transform your lifting experience. In our ladies' lifting shoes collection you’ll find high-performance heeled options that make lifting the heaviest loads more comfortable. Choose proven women's shoes for weightlifting from our Adipower and Powerlift ranges: adidas Adipower is the ultimate platform for heavy lifting with sturdy raised heels and high-density midsoles; and Powerlift is our lightest shoe which features midfoot stability wedges. Both offer grippy rubber outsoles and a locked-in feel thanks to hook-and-loop instep straps. Get ready to revolutionise your squats and deadlifts with our high-performance adidas weightlifting shoes for women.


Push yourself to lift heavier weights, knowing that you’re stable in specifically cut shoes. Whether you’re just new to training or a seasoned lifter, women’s weightlifting shoes are an essential for maintaining proper form and preventing injury. adidas weightlifting shoes offer flexibility, stability and reinforced support where you need it most, so you can focus on building strength or hitting your targets without distraction. adidas women’s weightlifting shoes have tough rubber outsoles for better grip on the mat with a stable foothold and are available in heeled or flat sole versions.


In the right footwear, you can safely push yourself to the limit with your feet solidly planted on the ground. Certain ladies’ weightlifting shoes offer either flexible or reinforced forefoot and rearfoot cradles to provide more stability. Some shoes have a slipper-like construction and snug fit, others offer strong midfoot wedges for rock-solid stability. Choose the shoe that suits your preferences and lifting requirements from the collection of adidas shoes for weightlifters.


For Olympic-lift movements and the heaviest loads opt for a heeled weightlifting shoe or ‘squat shoe’. The heel is suitable for people with low ankle mobility or focused on snatch, clean and jerks. The heel keeps you more upright at greater squat depths. adidas also offers deadlift-specific women’s weightlifting shoes with flat soles, strong midfoot wedges, canvas uppers and open mesh inserts for breathability. The minimalist construction helps you to improve your deadlifting performance because it alters lifting mechanics. The flat sole keeps your feet close to the ground and flat, giving you a solid and stable platform for deadlifting.


Most adidas weightlifting shoes for women feature lace-and-strap combination closures for a locked-down feel. The hook-and-loop instep straps give you an easily adjustable, stabilising fit and rearfoot integrity. The strap also prevents foot shifting mid-rep. Plant yourself firmly in the halls of fame with the support of our lightweight weightlifting shoes.

Womens Weightlifting Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to focus on deadlifting (or powerlifting) a deadlifting-specific construction with a flat sole is useful. For other types of strength training, squat shoes or heeled lifting shoes might be better. The heel helps you maintain an upright torso and proper form during deeper squats.
Wearing weightlifting-specific shoes can help you push through the floor more easily, which means more power.
The thick EVA foam cushioning on running shoes prevents full contact with the floor and reduces your stability. Weightlifting shoes can improve your performance and prevent slips and injuries.