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Women's Running Base Layers


Stay cool and fresh with women's running base layers

Keeping moisture under control is vital for keeping the body cool while running. Women's running base layers from adidas are designed to help manage the moisture and regulate temperature by a process called wicking. Acting like the wick of a candle, the material moves the perspiration away from the skin. When this happens, the heat the moisture has just expelled from the body is also removed. Women's running base layers from adidas use the latest fabric technologies to achieve a high level of moisture control. This produces a base layer to help increase performance and stamina and pushes you towards gaining a personal best.

A better base layer for a better run 

Staying dry and cool while running makes you feel better when you work out. Women's running base layers are used by top athletes when training and competing. They add an extra layer of warmth in the winter and help keep you cool in the summer. By expelling the moisture layer between your skin and the clothing, you dramatically reduce heat rashes and chafing. Your muscles also work at a better level, which means wearing women's running base layers can help improve your performance. Research and development of women's running base layers by adidas have allowed the brand to manufacture some of the most comfortable and durable products. Taking into consideration the contours of female athletes, the designers have managed to create running base layers that specifically meet women's requirements.

Comfortable versatility designed with you in mind

Keeping cool and dry is as essential to the run as the spring in your step and regulation of your breathing. Women's running base layers from adidas are a vital and versatile piece of your training wardrobe you should not be without.