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Women's Swimming Goggles

persistar fit mirrored swim goggle
persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle
persistar comfort unmirrored swim goggle

Women’s swimming goggles

Keep your field of vision clear and wide with a pair of women’s swimming goggles from adidas. Designed to perform at the very highest of levels and to be totally comfortable to wear, these goggles are perfect for everyone from casual and recreational swimmers to regular competitors who are looking to get ahead of the rest. With both mirrored and un-mirrored lenses available, as well as customisable sets that can be fitted with prescription lenses, these swimming goggles for women are the perfect addition to your current swim gear.

See clear, get ahead

Whether you’re simply looking to protect your eyes during a casual swim or need that wide field of vision to make sure neighbouring lanes aren’t getting ahead at your next competition, these women’s swimming goggles have something for everyone. Lenses feature ANTIFOG finishing to keep your vision crystal clear, while UV protection also means you can keep your eyes safe when swimming outdoors. Fully adjustable straps and nosepieces allow you to get that perfect fit for the ultimate comfort, while customisable sets accommodate swimmers who need prescription lenses in the pool. To keep a wide and clear field of vision while in the water, trust in these adidas swimming goggles for women.

Protection, style, performance

Goggles have become an essential part of every swimmer’s gear, keeping your eyes protected from the effects of bright sunshine, chlorine and saltwater while also offering improved vision, especially to those who require prescription lenses. These women’s swimming goggles also offer the most contemporary design, meaning you can combine them with other pieces of adidas swimwear for an ensemble that is sleek and sophisticated. Simply choose your level, find the lenses that are right for you, pick your preferred style and colour, and dive into the water with absolute confidence in your goggles.