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Level up with adidas weightlifting

When it's you against the weights, make sure everything is in your favour. The latest collection of weightlifting gear from adidas has got what you need to be achieving new personal bests, starting from expert footwear and comfortable socks to skin-tight suits that offer unbeatable support. Bold and powerful designs are made to match your sessions and allow you to enjoy the best adidas has to offer while giving your all at the gym.

For an unbeatable weightlifting ensemble

Weightlifting is all about the small margins, so put together a winning combination and start reaping the benefits from those marginal gains. The Powerlift range of weightlifting shoes provides a perfect foundation for your lifts. Durable canvas uppers are combined with reinforced heel counters for total strength, while high-density midsole wedges are fitted with rubber outsoles to ensure you keep your grip at all times. For the ultimate base, combine these trainers with a pair of weightlifting socks that grip the foot but prevent blisters during longer sessions. Finish the ensemble with a Powerlift suit: lightweight, doubleknit, and fitted with the cooling and drying effects of sweat-wicking fabrics. What are you waiting for? You're all set to lift more than ever before.

We have lift-off

Whether you’re a dedicated lifter with competitive ambitions or it's simply your favourite activity at the gym, this collection of weightlifting gear from adidas is for you. From specialised footwear to high-performance apparel, the range has been designed to give you support where you need it most when regularly lifting heavy weights. Easy to care for and available in a wide range of styles, the latest selection is suitable for everyone from seasoned pros to those who are making their first steps into the weightlifting discipline. With adidas, you can put together your sportswear team for hitting new levels.